PianissAmma Practice Guide- a series devoted to the art of musical storytelling

As a musician, it is important to paint a vivid picture, or tell a compelling story to the listener.  Musicians are essentially storytellers to anyone who will stop and listen.  We have rhythms, pitches, and articulations galore- all at our fingertips, or on the tip of our tongue.  One somber note can reduce many to tears, while a simple phrase performed quickly may cause the listener to dance.  This is the beauty of music.

To become a master storyteller, it is important to lay the foundation in the practice room- a step that many might prefer to skip.  When working to hone the craft, the time and effort involved is constant, but worthwhile.  It is not unlike training for a race, or preparing for a test.  The question is how do we get to the finish line, or the stage.

Many find musicianship far too daunting to even give it a try.  Is it the idea of devoting hours a day to the art of the craft that deters prospective musicians? Are hours upon hours necessary? They certainly can be, but that is not always the case.  There is the argument of quality practice versus quantity.   The trick is to practice efficiently.  Efficient practice is necessary in sports, so should it be in music.

Over the next several weeks, PianissAmma blog will explore the benefits to good musical practice for musicians and students of all levels.   We will also touch on how establishing good habits can benefit outside of practice and in everyday life.

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